Ghost in the Shell — Official Trailer

Someone—I think he was the head of an advertising agency—once pointed out that the best things on television were the commercials, because they were what really mattered. The only reason EvilCorp was “proud to sponsor this week’s episode of Law and Order: SUX” was to sell a product. That meant that far more thought and creativity went into the ads than into the show itself.

I think the same thing applies to movie trailers. They’re often better than the movie they’re trying to sell.

This trailer for Ghost in the Shell is certainly a gorgeous stunner, in any number of ways. It leaves you—at least, it leaves meneeding to see the movie, in a theatre, in IMAX 3D.

Maybe it will be really good. It stars fanboy favourite Scarlett Johansson, fresh from the clever and enjoyable, Lucy, and Michael Pitt plays the Bad Guy. Ghost in the Shell also comes with a huge fan base: Wikipedia lists five films, three books, three TV series, and four video games based on Ghost in the Shell since the original manga was serialized in 1989. This is the first full live-action version.

And how can you go wrong with Depeche Mode’s “Enjoy the Silence” on the soundtrack?

Ghost in the Shell opens in the US on 31 March 31 2017.

And, in line with that, another echo from the 80s:


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