Christmas in the Upside Down

The Washingtonian calls it “DC’s most popular pop-up.” On the day after Thanksgiving, owner Derek Brown converts his three adjoining bars-with-light-snacks in Washington’s Shaw district into the “Miracle on Seventh Street,” aka “The Christmas Bar.”

The party runs through New Year’s Eve, but even now, according to Reddit, the nightly line waiting to get in can run to ~150 people.

The part of this year’s event that’s getting the most attention is the area devoted to last summer’s Stranger Things, complete with a Ouija board wall,  Winona Ryder’s erratically strung Christmas lights, and a celebration of Barb, the show’s unlikely break-out character. (She deserved better.)



All photos found on the Net.


2 thoughts on “Christmas in the Upside Down

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