Hannibal Lecter Wants to Sell You a Car

This is a short video from the UK called Le Fantôme, and it’s described as “A Jake Scott film starring Mads Mikkelsen.”

It’s a cookbook!

No, wait. That’s not it.

It’s a commercial!

That’s it.  It’s a commercial, an eight-minute commercial, for Ford Edge, and it stars the great Mads Mikkelsen, Hannibal Lecter himself.  I guess that’s why I had that little Freudian slip about cookbooks.

As if an appearance by  Mikkelsen isn’t enough to make this required viewing, the character “The Widow” is played by the legendary Barbara Steele, Queen of the 60s Gothic Horror Movies, and noted for her role in Fellini’s . She’s 78 years old now, and this is only her third film appearance since 1980.

The film is eight minutes of delicious.


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