“Arctic Bird’s Nest” — It Looks Too Pretty to Eat, but I’d Love to Try.

Another item for my “Someday List.”

The picture above was used to illustrate a New York Times review of New York’s premier Nordic restaurant, Marcus Samuelsson’s Aquavit. It’s a dessert called “Arctic Bird’s Nest.”

Arctic Bird’s Nest is the final dish on the Aquavit nine course Chef’s Tasting Menu. It was created by Emma Bengtsson, who’s been with the restaurant since 2010, the last two years as executive chef. As such, she is one of only three female chefs with two Michelin stars. In an interview with Food and Wine, she describes how Arctic Bird’s Nest is made:


“1. Honey tuile nest: Bengtsson runs a tiling trowel over batter, then shapes the tuile (cookie) by hand.

“2. Chocolate twigs: Tempered chocolate piped into ice water resembles twigs.

“3. Freeze-dried raspberries: Liquid nitrogen freezes berries that Bengtsson breaks into shards.

“4. Brownie dirt: Crumbled brownies (Bengtsson’s grandmother’s recipe) resemble soil.

“5. Shredded halvah: Bengtsson shreds the sesame candy so it looks like feathers.”

“The result is the Arctic Bird’s Nest, with the goat-cheese parfait transformed into the filling for white-chocolate eggs with sea buckthorn ‘yolks.'”

In addition to earning two Michelin stars, Aquavit is rated three stars in The New York Times.

The Chef’s Tasting Menu is $155 pp, $285 pp with wine pairing. FWIW, that’s less than half the cost of dinner at Per Se, which the Times famously downgraded to two stars earlier this year.


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