Vidalia — Lunch on 20 October 2016


Vidalia’s back!

The restaurant, which offers Southern-flavored modern American cooking, is one of my favourites. It’s only three blocks from home, and, until the Summer of 2015, it had one of the best lunch bargains in DC.  In addition to its regular menu, Vidalia offered a stellar three-course, prix fixe meal for about $20. When the restaurant discontinued lunch service, we lost a neighbourhood gem.

But a few weeks ago, with little fanfare, Vidalia started serving lunch again, and the prix fixe menu was revived. It’s somewhat diminished from the old days—two courses instead of three, and the signature bread and rolls have been replaced by crackers and a very good remoulade sauce—but it still offers excellent food at a bargain price.

Here’s what I had on the first of what I’m sure will be many visits:

Low Country She Crab Soup

She Crab Soup

I love the soup ritual that you find in some upscale restaurants. The server brings a bowl containing all the key solid ingredients—in the case of this Low Country She Crab Soup, that meant lump crab, apple butter, celery marmalade, and Old Bay croutons—and slowly pours the creamy liquid soup over them, in front of the diner.  A great starter!



The main was a generous serving of Cornmeal Crusted Carolina Trout, with roasted mushrooms, pearl onions, Benton’s bacon, rainbow chard, and a red wine butter. It was perfect.


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