Game of Thrones — Gendry Might Have Sighted Land!

In a series like Game of Thrones, with scores of named characters, it’s inevitable that some story lines are not resolved.  Case in point:  The fate of Gendry, the last, unacknowledged, bastard son of King Robert Baratheon.  During the first three seasons of GoT, Gendry played a major role in the contest for the Iron Throne, and it looked like he’d continue to do so.

But by the end of the third season, Gendry, played by the charismatic Joe Dempsie, was on the run from characters who wanted to use his royal blood in black magic rituals.  Even though he’d never been on the water before, he escaped in a rowboat.  And he hasn’t been seen since.

When GoT series four ended without an appearance by Dempsie, fans began to ask: “Where’s Gendry?”  Dempsie’s response was this tweet:

And a meme was born.

Series five and six passed, while Gendry was “Still rowin’.”

But now, with only two short series left, he might be nearing landfall.   A few days ago, Dempsie was spotted at the Belfast City Airport.   Parts of  “Game of Thrones” are filmed in Northern Ireland, which raises the possibility that he’s about to row ashore.

At last.


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