Chercher — Lunch on 15 September 2016

Washington is generally thought to have the most vibrant Ethiopian dining scene outside of Ethiopia itself.   For decades, the District has been home to thousands of asylum-seekers fleeing civil war.  Many of them have opened restaurants.

I probably only have Ethiopian food once every five years or so, but I had things to do in the Shaw area of Washington, and I’d heard good things about an Ethiopian restaurant called Chercher.



I had Beef Tibs, which is tender strips of marinated and grilled beef with onions, garlic, Jalapeno pepper, and herbs.  Ethiopian food is eaten without utensils.   You use your fingers (right hand only!) and a spongy bread called “injera.”   You tear off a small piece of the bread, then use it to pick up a bit of meat and vegetables.

It’s a hot cuisine.  It opens the sinuses.

Lunch at Chercher was an interesting departure from my usual routine.  Good stuff!


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