The Golden Age of Freeform School Recess

Texas, 1900.

Ah, the Golden Age of Freeform School Recess, before an oppressive nanny state required things like non-lethal playground equipment.   It overlapped with the Golden Age of Childhood Concussions and Broken Bones, and was followed by the Golden Age of School Negligence Litigation.

Unlike today’s coddled children, our ancestors lived life to the fullest!  Assuming they survived fifth grade.

I suppose the picture might be one of those “Kids!  How much dangerous behavior can you find in this picture?  Play Safe!” PSAs, but I doubt it.  More likely, the manufacturer’s motto was, “Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”

Bonus:  None of these kids was vaccinated.

This photo has been popping up on all the usual suspects websites this week, probably because it’s Back-to-School time in America.


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