Least Surprising TV News of the Summer

Netflix has finally made it official.  It announced this morning, to absolutely no one’s surprise, that Stranger Things  will be back in 2017.  The nine new episodes  will be set in 1984, a year after the events in this year’s version, and will include many of the same cast members.

Despite the final frame of the teaser, the Duffer Brothers are describing this as a sequel, rather than a second season.   That seems to matter to them.

Fingers crossed.  At the beginning of summer, I was excited about the return of two of the best show of 2015:  UnREAL and Mr. Robot.  That didn’t end well.  UnREAL was all over the place this year, and got disastrous reviews.  Mr. Robot, last time I looked, seemed stuck somewhere in its own head.  I bailed after a few tedious, over-long episodes, planning to catch up later in the season (which, from past experience, I know I’ll never do.)

But back to Stranger Things:  Remember how each episode this year had a chapter title?  There will be nine episodes next year.  The teaser above includes nine words or phrases.  Is this a mild spoiler?


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