Vermilion — Lunch on 24 August 2016


I like to mix new discoveries with old favourites during Restaurant Weeks, so I’m ending this year’s adventure at two places in Alexandria that I’ve been visiting for years.  First up is Vermilion, on King Street in Old Town, a restaurant that has always surprised and delighted me..


Red Pepper Soup

The Red Pepper Soup was served chilled, with poached shrimp.  The colour of this soup was even more intense than it appears in the photograph.



Salmon again, for the second time in two days.  This Seared Salmon, though was an entirely different kettle of fish (sorry) from the grilled salmon in white wine and sherry that I had yesterday at The Wharf.  As to which I preferred, it was a draw.

Oreo Silk Torte

Oreo Silk Torte

Oh, this was good.  Vermilion called this an Oreo Silk Torte.  It was made of milk and dark chocolate custard, whipped milk chocolate ganache, oreo crumble,  and mint meringue, and I couldn’t get enough of it.


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