China Chilcano and the Art of Cecilia Paredes

“[Cecilia Paredes] is a contemporary performance and installation artist, who is best known for her unusual work in which she uses her own body as a canvas for body paint.  Her last name, Paredes, which means walls in Spanish, perfectly suits her fascination with turning herself into a human chameleon and melting herself into the walls.”
–Cross Connect

Back in January 2015, I posted an item about the works of Cecilia Paredes, a Peruvian artist.  The picture above shows part of the interior of China Chilcano, the restaurant where I had lunch on Monday.   If you look closely at the rear wall, you’ll see that it displays this Cecilia Paredes image, which is called “Both Worlds”:

artwork_images_424676833_620791_cecilia-paredes a

Seeing it was like unexpectedly running into an old friend.

I asked my hostess about it, mangling the pronunciation of the artist’s name, and learned that Paredes, who now lives in Philadelphia, is a frequent visitor to China Chilcano.  It was only later, when I remembered how well she blends into the background, that it occurred to me that she might have been there even as we spoke.

Here are a few more of her creations.  All images in this post were found on the Web.   Click the above link for further examples.

PARADISE,+2009+completa+120cm+base+copy smaller


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