Childhood of a Leader Trailer

Timely.  Childhood of a Leader, a film about the making of a Fascist, is Brady Corbet’s directorial début.  The Guardian gave it a five-star review today, and it’s at 90% on the Tomatometer.  The film won Best Debut film and Best Director awards at 72nd Venice International Film Festival.

Vice posted this funny and informative interview with Corbet a couple of weeks ago:

And today is Brady Corbet’s 28th birthday.

I think of him in sort of the same way I think of Michael Pitt, his co-star in the disturbing 2007 American re-make of Funny Games.  They’re both multi-talented actors who often take on challenging roles, and sometimes show up in surprising places.

Since Corbet’s first film appearance in Thirteen, back in 2003, he’s appeared in a series of impressive indie films:  Mysterious Skin, Melancholia, Martha Marcy May Marlene, and Saint Laurent among them.

But one of his most interesting performances is in the video for Ima Robot’s “Lovers In Captivity.”   You have to look closely.

It’s worth the effort.


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