701 — Lunch on 17 August 2016

Another day, another delightful lunch.  I’m getting v good at this “dining well” thing.

Wednesday’s lunch was at the 701 Restaurant, one of my old favourites.  The first time I dined there, several years ago, Eric Ripert was sitting about 10 feet away from my table.  I took that as a good sign.

The 701 is on Pennsylvania Avenue, next to the Navy Memorial and a little more than a block from the National Gallery of Art.  When I go to the NGA, which is about once a month, it’s always a toss-up between a light lunch at the bar at 701 or a heavier one at the buffet in the NGA’s Garden Café.



I started the meal with Gnocchi.  This was a duck ragout, with goat cheese and black olives.

Chittara Pasta

Chittara Pasta

Next came Chittara Pasta, with rabbit sausage, mustard, arugula, and pickled peaches.  I was still feeling a little guilty about the duck ragout, what with possibly eating a relative of Daffy, and now here I was, devouring a probable acquaintance of Bugs.

When I was finished, I whispered a solemn “That’s all Folks” at the empty plate.

(It should be noted in my defence that I did past on the Roast Pork Loin main course.)

Corn Cremeux

Corn Cremeux

With blueberries, yogurt streusel, and champagne.

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