Charlie Palmer Steak — Lunch on 16 August 2016

Charlie Palmer Steak is part of the Charlie Palmer Group, a collection of three hotels and 17 restaurants (eight in New York City, four in Northern California, four in Nevada, and one here in DC).  The big, bright Washington restaurant is a couple of blocks from the Capitol, which makes it a primo dining spot for legislators, legislative staff, and the lobbyists who love them.

The restaurant is contemporary, sleek, and airy.  The food and service are v good.

"One Meatball"

“One Meatball”

“You gets no bread with one meat ball.”

Well, actually there were three or four little pork and beef meatballs in this yummy starter, which came with house made cavatelli pasta, roasted garlic marinara, and pecorino.

I really wanted that bread.

Boston Blue Cod

Boston Blue Cod

I know.  I ordered fish at a restaurant that has the word “Steak” in its name.  It seemed like a good idea at the time, and, since the dish was excellent, it still does.

This was Roasted Boston Blue Cod with ratatouille, a smoked eggplant purée, and a Nicoise olive tapenade.

It’s only in the last few years that I’ve come to really appreciate olives—I used to discreetly remove them from salads and the like.  How reassuring!  People can change!

But I still hate beets.

Pot de Crème

Pot de Crème

Lavender Pot De Crème, decorated with Brown Butter Sablé (those are the round shortbread cookies), and sweet cream.


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