Le Vieux Logis — Lunch on 12 August 2016

What a great way to start 2016 Summer Restaurant Week!

Despite its pretty and oh-so-French exterior, Le Vieux Logis—“The Old Lodge,” named for a famous inn located in the Dordogne—had been in declining health for years, until it was purchased by French chef Christian Gautrois and his wife in 2014.  They brought in a new chef, brightened the interior, revamped the menu, and turned Le Vieux Logis into what some people say is the best of Bethesda’s ~200 restaurants.

Shrimps “Kadafi”, roasted eggplant caviar, gazpacho sauce.

Shrimps “Kadafi”

What, I wondered were “Shrimps “Kadafi”?   They’re extra-large shrimp (I know, contradiction in terms) wrapped in shredded phyllo, served over a bed of roasted eggplant caviar, with a gazpacho sauce.  Wonderful stuff!

Smoked bacon wrapped natural pork loin with green lentils, Dijon sauce.

Pork Loin

I had perfectly cooked Pork Loin for the main.   The pork was wrapped in smoked bacon and served with green lentils, string beans, carrot slices and a Dijon sauce.

This was my first visit to the new Le Vieux Logis, and it made a wonderful first impression.  The fresh, creative cuisine, the charming atmosphere, and the excellent, friendly service transported me back to Paris.   I was home.

Over the last two or three years, Metro Washington has an alarming number of homey little French restaurants.  I  miss my old standby, Cafe La Ruche in Georgetown, and ever since The Little Fountain closed last month, I’ve wondered what could replace it.

At Le Vieux Logis, I may have found it.


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