Stranger Things — Spot the Source

The first time I saw Will’s run through the backyard to the shed near the beginning of Stranger Things, I immediately thought, “That’s a scene from E.T.

Ulysse Thevenon must have thought the same thing.  He’s put together a video highlighting some of the allusions to 70s and 80s films that crop up in Stranger Things, Netflix’s immensely enjoyable homage to the genre films of those years.

For other obsessives, Vulture has posted A Stranger Things Glossary:  Every Major Film Reference in the Show, From A–Z, to which 96 commenters added possible references that the list might have missed.

It looks like Stranger Things is the biggest TV hit of summer 2016, even if, technically, it isn’t on TV.  Rotten Tomatoes gives it a 94% on the Tomatometer, and weeks after its launch, the internet chatter is still incessant, for good reason.

As The Guardian wrote yesterday, “The buzziest show of the year, Stranger Things is an unrepentant love letter to the 1980s.”


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