Snow White Slept Here

Love this!

Richey and Karen Morgan began building this Storybook cottage in the late 1970s.  It took them 25 years to finish the house and grounds, and I can’t think of a more interesting way to spend the better part of a lifetime:  Creating something magical.   It’s located near Olalla, Washington, on the Kitsap Peninsula in the Puget Sound region, and it’s on the market.

According to the listing, “There’s not a square or a corner anywhere.  Each door was hand-built with extensive iron work.  Wood beams were hand carved, stained glass windows are everywhere, and the walls are more like a magical cave.”

I’m fascinated by Storybook Style, which first appeared in Southern California in the 1920s.  Even today, most Storybook houses are found on the West Coast, but they sometimes pop up in the most unexpected places.  The Morgans’ property is considered the “most spectacular modern-day evocation of the Storybook Style,” according to Gellner and Keister, who literally wrote the book on the topic.

The asking price is $825,000.  The realtor guarantees that the property can easily accommodate seven dwarfs.


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