Adieu to The Little Fountain

Little Fountain

After 23 years, The Little Fountain Cafe, in the Adams-Morgan neighborhood of Washington, DC, closed last weekend.  Despite the restaurant’s name, and its signature Provençal tablecloths (under white linens), the menu at the Little Fountain wasn’t especially French, but the atmosphere certainly was.  It frequently headed DC’s “Best Place for a First Date” lists.

Patrick and Kim owned both the restaurant and Angles, the neighborhood bar upstairs, which attracted a clientele heavy with journalists and foreign service types.

Patrick cooked and Kim handled front of the house.  With Patrick’s grey ponytail and Kim’s flowing skirts, they came off as Old Hippies, in the best possible sense.  It’s not surprising that they travelled extensively through the Middle East, and plan a post-Little Fountain trip through Southeast Asia.  In addition to being a chef, Patrick is also a photographer.

This was one of my regular go-tos, especially on Sunday evenings.  The menu changed infrequently, but the food was always good—sometimes very good—and the casual atmosphere was relaxing.  I stopped in for a final meal last week, to say goodbye.

I’ve never posted any pictures of meals at the Little Fountain, because it was dinner-only and dimly lit, and I’d never use a flash in a restaurant.  But those Miniature Crab Cakes with crawfish sauce and the Peach Raspberry Crisp with vanilla ice cream will live on in my memory.


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