Beau Thai — Lunch on 20 June 2016

I continued my exploration of the Shaw area of Washington this week with a visit to local favourite Beau Thai.  As I’ve mentioned, Shaw is one of the several parts of Washington that have undergone really amazing transformations in the years since the turn of the century.  It’s now the site of one of the hottest restaurant zones in the city, and it seems as if new buildings are going up or old ones are being renovated on every other block.

Beau Thai itself is sleek and trendy.  It’s been named “Best Thai Restaurant” in Washington for each of the last four years in Washington City Paper’s annual readers’ polls.  Meals here are promoted as fresh and authentic.  They’re also inexpensive.

Thai Sausage

Thai Sausage

This was a grilled pork sausage, served with fresh ginger, red onions, and peanuts.  Basic, but good.

Kao Pad Nam Prik Pao

Kao Pad Nam Prik Pao

Kao Pad Nam Prik Pao is fried chicken with a nice crunchy coating.  The heat—and it was sinus-draining, tear-inducingly hot—came from the fried rice with Thai chili sauce.

All in all. a good meal, but I’d question the “Best Thai Restaurant” in Washington award.  DC has dozens of comparable Thai restaurants, which is yet another reason why living here can be so very pleasant.


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