“Day of the Drones”

You’ll want to enbiggen this one!

This spectacular video is a compilation of highlights from this year’s New York City Drone Film Festival, a 3-day event that received 350 submissions from 45 countries.

I’m fascinated by drones and by innovations like GoPro, which open up whole new worlds of creative possibilities.  Damn, the 21st century is fun!

You can view the festival winners in full at the linked site.  I think I’ll post several of them over the next week—they’re just too good not to share.

There Must Should Be a Word for It

For quite a while, I’ve been bothered—in a very minor way—by the failure of language to keep up with technology.  Why, f’rinstance, do we still use the word “album” to describe a collection of music, when record albums are pretty much extinct?

I was reminded of that when I noticed that this “Film Festival” features not an inch of “film.”


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