Cheverny — Bringing It All Back Home


Last Friday I was making my weekly visit to Calvert Woodley Fine Wines & Spirits, to stock up on bread and cheese and Rosemary ham for the weekend, when I noticed the store’s Wine of the Week:  Domaine Sauger – Cheverny Vieilles Vignes.

Cheverny Vieilles Vignes!


It was like running into an old, fondly remembered acquaintance, except that I didn’t have to exaggerate how well my portfolio was doing, or talk about my imaginary Canadian boyfriend, the college gymnast who works part-time at Abercrombie and Fitch.

Cheverny!   I’d been to the Château de Cheverny just a few weeks ago!  It was the one with the dogs.

After explaining in detail to everyone within earshot what a delightfully serendipitous event they were witnessing—pointing out the tricolour flag patch on my knapsack, the Château de Chenonceau souvenir baseball cap I was wearing, and my fleur-de-lis socks, in case they hadn’t noticed—I put a couple of bottles in my shopping cart and headed for the door.

I’m saving them for a special occasion.

Try as I might, I’ve never really developed a palate for wine, probably because my taste buds have been destroyed by decades of drinking Diet Pepsi, but I think I may finally have the key I need for a breakthrough!


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