Charles Dickens’ Internet Search History (Reposted)

Sad news.

Nicole Cliffe and Mallory Ortberg have announced that We Are Closing The Toast July 1st.  The feminist/literary/humour/art/whatever website has been around for three years.

No more guides to How To Tell If You Are In A Du Maurier Novel or The Seven Stages Of Aspirational Produce Shopping or Signs You’re About To Be In A Gay Subplot In A Period Drama.

No more incisive cultural criticism like Every Track Listing From [Hanson’s] 1997’s Middle Of Nowhere And The Corresponding Beatles Song It Is Better Than   (Sample: “‘MMMBop’ > the entire White Album probably.” )

The silver lining is that The Toast will remain on the web. The dark cloud is that there will be little if any additional content.

In their “Farewell to The Toast” articles, both Slate and The Stranger posted lots of links to favourite Toast articles.  Here’s one of mine, which I posted back in 2014:

Charles Dickens’ Internet Search History

The Toast, a relatively new art/literature/culture/humour site, is one of the freshest, funniest sites I’ve found this year.  Now, it’s about to make literary history.

The Toast has just published a stunning piece of investigative journalism by British writer Dale Shaw.  Shaw, after years of research, has been managed to unearth Charles Dickens’ Internet Search History.

Here’s a sample of what he found:


You can read the entire search history here.


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