2016 Cookery Project — Gazpacho and Gorgonzola Toast

Today’s lunch was inspired by an old posting in Adam Roberts’ now inactive The Amateur Gourmet blog,  which had a wonderful run between 2004 and 2015.  The Amateur Gourmet won a host of awards, and led to Roberts doing some shows for the Food Network and writing for some of the better periodicals and websites, like Salon and Serious Eats.

Roberts stopped updating the blog about a year ago, when his life got very busy.  He married his longtime boyfriend, Craig Johnson, the writer and director of the indie hit, The Skeleton Twins, and was hired as a staff writer for the TV show,  The Real O’Neals.

On to the meal itself.  I had mixed results with this one.  The gazpacho was OK, but not anything I feel a need to make again.   But the toast!  OMG!

Here’s what I did:  Following Roberts’ instructions, I cut thick slices of white bread and brushed them with some good olive oil.  I heated an empty frying pan on high heat, then put the bread in the pan, using a spatula to press it down and get a nice toasty look.  Then I topped the bread with gorgonzola, and put it into a pre-heated oven just long enough to make the cheese a little melty.  And when they came out of the oven, I drizzled honey over the cheese.  Heavenly!


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