2016 Cookery Project — Near Eastern Pork with Peanuts and Grapes

Near Eastern Pork with Peanuts and Grapes

Near Eastern Pork with Peanuts and Grapes. Posted 12 May 2016.

I got the recipe for today’s lunch from an old English cookbook called Soups and Stews that I’ve had roughly forever.  It’s a 68-page volume (with “52 full colour illustrations”) that was first published in 1976, and I probably bought it at a yard sale or one of those big book sales that Vassar or Goodwill used to have every year.

When i first paged through it, back in my tuna fish on Wonder Bread days, the recipes looked terribly complicated.  Now, not so much.  This dish was an easily made combination of cubed pork, halved green grapes, ground peanuts, chili powder, and soy sauce, served over couscous.

It’s sort of a stretch to call this a “stew,” and it’s certainly not a “soup,” but I think it was a success.

Yesterday’s Non-2016 Cookery Project Lunch

Post-France, I’ve begun food shopping like a Parisian.  Instead of hitting Giant and buying a week’s worth of groceries, I’m now shopping for just one or two days’ meals at a time.  (If you’re cooking for pleasure, it helps to have lots of leisure time.)

On my way to the market yesterday to buy the ingredients for today’s meal, I stopped for lunch at Duke’s Grocery, the East London-inspired sandwich place that I’ve raved about here several times over the last couple of years.

They really do make the best sandwiches in Washington.

What you see above is “El Trasero,” a new item on the ever-evolving menu.   It’s made with celery fennel slaw, Aleppo pepper, garlic aioli, and spiced pork butt.  Spanish speakers may get the mild joke in the sandwich’s name.


2 thoughts on “2016 Cookery Project — Near Eastern Pork with Peanuts and Grapes

  1. Lesley Tan

    I have been cooking this recipe for over 40 years from the same book with one major change. I use ground almonds instead of the peanuts. Peanuts with soy sauce make it taste too much like sate.


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