Drift on 7th — Lunch on 5 May 2016

Drift on 7th

Drift on 7th

Shaw is yet another of the many neighbourhoods in Washington that was underdeveloped and underused until the fairly recent past.  Over the last few years, the area has blossomed into one of the hottest restaurant zones in DC.  Today I tried Drift on 7th, one of the newer additions to the scene.

I’ll be back.

Tots ’n’ Tentacles

Tots ’n’ Tentacles

They call this starter “Tots ’n’ Tentacles.”  The tentacles are calamari and the tots are haddock, and they arrive on a bed of hand-cut French fries.  The accompanying dipping sauces are a spicy sriracha mayonnaise and a horseradish rémoulade.  Everything was first-rate.

I’d ordered a main course as well, but I hadn’t anticipated how generous a serving this would be.  My v helpful and informative waitress—who was clearly one of those happy people who loves her job and is great at doing it—said there’d be no problem making that order “to go.”

Excellent meal.


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