Versailles — La Série TV

Well, this is timely.  For me, anyway.

Versailles, a lavish Franco-Canadian TV series about Louis XIV and the construction of Versailles Palace, is coming to British and American television.

Here’s the NSFW trailer:

It has it all, doesn’t it?  History, polymorphous sex, impressive violence, opulent costumes, and beautiful people.  All this, and architecture, too.

Versailles is the most expensive television show ever produced in France.  It was shot in English, from a script by British and American writers, to make it easier to market internationally.  The 10-episode series debuted in France to record ratings last Fall, and a second series that takes place four years after the events in season one is already being filmed.

Like the seriously enjoyable Showtime dramas The Tudors and The Borgias, Versailles doesn’t let historical fact get in the way of telling a good story.

The show will première in the UK on BBC Two sometime this month, and in the US on the Ovation network on 1 October 2016.


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