Lunch at the Bistrot Victoires

The first time I tried to find Bistrot Victoires (no website), I got lost* and wandered around the Louvre/Palais-Royal for an hour or so.  It was a not-unpleasant experience.  When I finally found it, it was a treat.

The multi-room restaurant was packed with the lunch crowd.  As usual in many Paris bistros, the tables were only centimeters apart.

You’re probably tired of reading comments in which I write “This X was the best X I’ve ever had,” but I’m about to do it again:  The Duck Confit at Bistrot Victoires was easily the best I’ve ever eaten.  I was a bit worried before I tasted it, because the plate had been delivered to my table only a few minutes after I’d placed my order, but that was probably because the chefs could anticipate high demand in this v busy restaurant.

Unlike most of the duck dishes I’ve had in the past, which tend toward the meager side, this one was exceptionally meaty.  It came with a small salad, and with crisp frites.  I was happy.

Finished the meal with Pie à la Mode. After all. I was in Paris.

*I know, it’s impossible to get lost in the 21st century, what with universally accessible GPS.  I found a way.  I’ve found several ways, now that I think of it.


2 thoughts on “Lunch at the Bistrot Victoires

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