Release the Hounds!

Château de Cheverny is famous for its kennels, which were created in 1850.  Today they house more than 100 hunting dogs.

I didn’t know that when I arrived, and only visited them as an afterthought, because I had a little extra time.  I’m so glad I did!

I don’t know anything about dogs, but, damn, these guys were big and beautiful.  I found out later that they’re a cross of English Fox hounds and French Poitevins.

Feeding Frenzy at Cheverny

The dogs are fed at 11:30 every morning, and the resulting feeding frenzy always draws a crowd.  I was too late to see it, which was probably for the best, since I’ve heard that their meal is made largely of chopped-up American tourists.

A couple of earlier, obviously non-American visitors have posted some exciting videos of the action.


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