Lunch at the Chenonceau Orangerie

After I left the main building at Chenonceau, I walked past the formal garden and across the lawn to the château’s Orangerie, where I had a reservation for lunch.

You’ll never guess what I had for a starter.  At the beginning of this series of notes about my 2016 visit to France, I mentioned that I planned to concentrate on classic bistro cooking and on period rooms.  Over time, and without intent, that sort of narrowed into a running comparative analysis of a variety of French onion soups and four-poster beds.

The main:  Suprême de Volaille Roti, Legumes de Jardin, Sauce Champignon.

Boneless chicken breast with a mushroom sauce, and vegetables fresh from the garden.  This dish—this entire meal—was worthy of the location, which is the highest possible praise I can give it.  French haute cuisine at its best, perfectly prepared and beautifully presented.

I’ll remember this elegant, delightful meal for a long, long time.

And then there was the dessert du pâtissier, with pineapple, white chocolate, vanilla ice cream, and a tasty crumble.   Another happy ending.


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