The Hunger Games: The Props and Costumes Auction

Still haven’t decided what to wear to Prom?

How about the understated elegance of the pink wedding ensemble that Effie Trinket’s wore in The Hunger Games:  Mockingjay  —  Part 2?

And for the boys, is there any better choice than Peeta Mellark’s chariot ensemble from the original 2012 Hunger Games movie?

Well here’s your chance.

On 20 May 2016, Profiles in History, the prime auction house for Hollywood memorabilia, will conduct The World of The Hunger Games Auction, offering more than 450 lots of costumes and props from the four Hunger Games films.

You could buy Katniss’s longbow.  You could buy a Peacekeepers’ Military Vehicle (mechanicals untested).  You could even buy a Cinna’s stylish black jacket or Caesar Flickerman’s purple and teal suit.

(You might want to think twice about buying the suit.)

But before you buy anything, you’ll want to look at the full auction catalogue.  If you want to own a hardcopy, Profiles in History is offering a paperback version for $50.  You could also view an online flipbook, or download a PDF file, at no cost.

For those new to this kind of auction, the estimated selling price in the catalogue is almost always way below the final bid.  On the other hand, Hollywood memorabilia tends to appreciate at a phenomenal rate.

Here’s a partial list of what’s being offered:

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