Lunch at Café Bruant

Another day, another delightful French meal:   Back to Montmartre for lunch at Café Bruant.  I can’t link to it, because it doesn’t have a web site.  While an Internet presence is considered essential for every business in the US more complex than a neighborhood lemonade stand, that’s not yet true of the rest of the world.  Even without a URL, though, Café Bruant is worth tracking down.  I liked it so much that I returned there for my final meal in Paris.

I’ve discovered that it’s impossible to go wrong with French Onion Soup.

This was the star:  A huge, seemingly bottomless pot full of mussels.  I didn’t count the mussels, but I’m sure there were more than 40 of them.  And the sauce!  The sauce in this meal of Moules Frites was Bleu d’Auvergne, a blend of creme and Auvergne bleu cheese.

It was so good that I asked for more bread, to sop up every drop of it.

Had to cancel dessert because I was too full.


2 thoughts on “Lunch at Café Bruant

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