The Real World, Westeros

“Watch What Happens When Seven Kingdoms Are Brought Together to Live in a….”

Never mind.   MTV already copyrighted the idea, about the same time they locked up the rights to the “reality” TV catchphrase, “I’m not here to make friends.”

Anyhow, just in time for tonight’s première of the sixth series of Game of ThronesTravelzoo  has published pictures of 17 real-life filming locations for the show.  It’s difficult to see how some of the locations were used, since GoT make liberal use of green-screens, but others are barely altered.

Here are four of them.  You can see the rest of the locations at the link.  (All photos are from Travelzoo.)

The Dark Hedges in Ireland were used as the Kingsroad, north of King’s Landing, during the first two seasons

Parts of the walled city of Mdina, in Malta, stood in for King’s Landing Gate and Littlefinger’s House of Pleasure.

OK, I’ve just added Seville to my “Places I’ve Got To Visit” list.   The Alcázar Gardens and the Alcázar palace of Seville,  the 2,200-year-old city in Spain, played the Royal Palace of Dorne.

Dubrovnik, Croatia was already on that list.  Many of the exterior scenes set in King’s Landing  are filmed there.


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