Chef’s Table — Season Two Promo

How did I not know about this?

Netflix just posted a teaser for the second series (the second series!) of Chef’s Table, a show that I didn’t know existed, despite the fact that I’ve spent hours browsing Netflix in search of something good to watch at 2 AM.  (As someone once pointed out about TV remote controls, males don’t want to know what’s on, they want to know what else is on.)

Anyhow, it looks like pure food porn.  Beautiful, beautiful food porn.

I’m familiar with Dominique Crenn and Grant Achatz—I even have a copy of the Alinea cookbook, for the pictures—but the other chefs are new to me.

The new series will screen on Netflix on 27 May 2016, which gives me plenty of time to view and re-view season one.  In addition, at least two more seasons of Chef’s Table are in the works, including an All-French installment later this year.


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