Happy Birthday to Our Dear Old Queen

HRH Queen Elizabeth II turns 90 today.

To mark he occasion, the Palace has released three wonderful pictures.  The Annie Leibovitz photo above shows the Queen at Windsor Castle, surrounded by her grandchildren and great-grandchildren.  Annie Leibovitz is a genius photographer, but here, she’s outdone herself.   This picture is classic.

The next picture shows the Royals and the Middletons celebrating Princess Charlotte’s christening.

(A minor mystery, which, I’m sure could be easily solved if I weren’t too lazy to Google it:  The Duchess of Cambridge’s sibs are here, but where’s Prince Harry?)

British Royals. The once and future monarchs.

British Royals.  The Once and Future Monarchs.

The current line of succession to the British throne.  Given the longevity of the Windsors, these four people may well reign for the rest of the 21st Century.

This picture of four generations of the Royal Family will appear on a commemorative stamp sheet issued by the Royal Mail.


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