Lunch at Le Café des Musées

Café des Musées

Le Café des Musées

Le Café des Musées was a bit more upscale than most of the places I’d been sampling, but the location—in Le Marais, not far from the Carnavalet Museum— was perfect, and the menu looked fine.  I wasn’t disappointed.

Two things I’ve meant to mention about Paris restaurants:  The bread is always excellent, and, by American standards, the tables are often insanely close to each other, sometimes literally touching.  What that means is that the person with the inside seat—the one closest to the wall—can only leave when the table has been pulled entirely into the aisle.  It also means you can’t avoid hearing every word of the conversations on either of the adjacent tables.

Bistro table arrangements owe a lot to Tetris.

This starter, peppers and herring with pesto and greens, was one of the best things I ate in Paris.  It came close to being my sole meunière moment, but that came a little bit later.

Leg of lamb with potatoes, garlic, and a potato purée.  It left me too full for dessert.


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