The Palace of Versailles is less than an hour by train from the Musée d’Orsay Metro station on the Rive Gauche.  It takes longer to get there if you’re a peasant carrying a flaming torch and stop periodically to scream “Qu’on leur coupe la tête.”  (That’s “Off with his head” in French.  I found it in a book called 50 French Phrases Every Tourist Should Know.)

Tourist Note:  The RER, the rapid transit system that serves Paris and its suburbs, frowns on carrying flaming torches while riding its trains, especially during rush hours.

This, of course, is the Hall of Mirrors, one of the most famous rooms in the world.

At Versailles, you’re free to wander through the rooms at leisure, following whatever path you make for yourself, with no restrains on the length of your visit.

The rooms are oversize, to reflect the power and importance of their inhabitants.

This.  This room, and others like it, are what I came to France to see.

A corner of the courtyard.

The King’s Bed


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