Better Call Saul Returns Tonight

Better Call Saul, one of the ten best American TV series* of 2015, returns for a second season tonight.  Watch the caterpillar Jimmy McGill gradually turn into the butterfly that is Saul Goodman.

An Easter Egg is basically an In Joke.  In video games, discovering an Easter Egg can reward a player with shortcuts or extra lives.  In film, it can be a subtle reference that is not obvious to anyone but real devotees.  The great Arrested Development may be the best example of this—it was loaded with Easter Eggs.

In this video, YouTuber PhilanthroPwn finds 10 Breaking Bad Easter Eggs in the first series of Better Call Saul.

*Top Ten of 2015:   Better Call Saul, Game of Thrones, Mr. Robot, Galavant, Mad Men, HannibalThe Knick, Penny Dreadful, UnReal, and Fargo, in no particular order.


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