Vermilion — Lunch on 5 February 2016

And with this, for me at least, 2016 Winter Restaurant Week came to a close.  I wanted my Weeks of Eating Dangerously to end on a high note, so I bet on a sure thing, and went to Vermilion, in Old Town Alexandria.



“One is too many; a hundred aren’t enough.”   That’s what they say about alcoholics and alcohol.   I learned this week that it also applies to calamari appetizers.

As I mentioned last week in my write-up about the Tabard Inn, I’ve been avoiding calamari for the last 18 months, because it had become my default appetizer selection—sort of like kale salads were a few years ago, or, now that I think about it, like Brussels sprouts are now.   But the  Tabard Inn calamari was excellent,  and revived all those old, suppressed cravings, and “Oops!… I Did It Again,” as George W. Bush once said.  And I’m not sorry I did it.

 Pork Loin

Pork Loin

The main was perfectly grilled Pork Loin, on mashed potatoes, with Brussels sprouts and red wine jus.

Oreo Silk Torte

Oreo Silk Torte

Devastatingly good.  This was called a Oreo Silk Torte, and it featured milk and dark chocolate custard, whipped milk chocolate ganache, and a mint meringue.

Poppyseed Fritters

Poppyseed Fritters

And this is how Vermilion won Restaurant Week.

When I’d finished the wonderful Oreo Silk Torte, the manager comped me a second dessert:  Poppyseed Fritters, with a berry compote, vanilla ice cream, and vanilla mascarpone.

What a v nice way to end  2016 Winter Restaurant Week!


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