Laporta’s Restaurant — Lunch on 2 February 2016

Time for another new place.  On Tuesday, I headed over to Laporta’s Restaurant, in Alexandria.

An Aside

I can never go to Alexandria without mentally reciting the first stanza of Newman Levy’s “review” of Massenet’s  opera. Thaïs:

“One time in Alexandria, in wicked Alexandria,
Where nights were wild with revelry, and life was but a game.
There lived, so the report is, an adventuress and courtesan,
The pride of Alexandria, and Thais was her name.”

The full text can be found here.   It’s quite a story.

OK, back to the restaurant.

Laporta’s has the feel of a friendly, unpretentious neighborhood restaurant, with slightly upscale comfort food.

Corn and Turkey Chowder

Corn and Turkey Chowder



The Grand Banks Cod fillet had a crunchy  almond and cereal grain crust, and you can see the honey and Dijon mustard glaze.   I love honey and mustard!  I use it at home all the time, as a dip with chicken tenders and as part of my patented overstuffed Black Forest ham sandwiches, made with blue cheese, good fresh bread, and some mixed greens, and now that I’ve written that, I’m off to the kitchen to make one.

Chocolate Marquise

Chocolate Marquise

This was the killer.  A super rich Chocolate Marquise.


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