Miniatur Wunderland, Now on Google Maps

Back in 2014, I posted an item about Miniatur Wunderland, the largest model railway in the world.  Here’s one of the videos I included:

Now, through the magic of Google maps, you can explore various sections of Miniatur Wunderland without making a trip to its home in Hamburg, Germany.  This behind-the-scenes street view contains full, 360-degree images from 1,300 square meters (14,000 square feet) of landscape with make up Miniatur Wunderland.

Coming Soon

The somewhat outdated MW website outlined plans for the future.  Some of them have already been built.

“We already have new construction plans until 2020, and we have many more ideas for other building projects.  It is certain that we will build Italy and France after having finished the construction of the airport.  After that there are different options available.  Presently our favourites are Africa, England or a futuristic landscape.” 


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