Last Day in Berlin

By the end of my second week in Berlin, I was all walked-out, and ready for a relaxed, low-key finish.  I ended my visit with a trip to Charlottenburg, retracing my path from that first day in the city.

I’d been told before I left the US that in Berlin, I’d be likely to eat more Turkish or Vietnamese or Italian food than German, which turned out to be true.

I wanted my last meal in the city to be real German cuisine, so I went back to Schlossgarten, where I’d had that wonderful lunch on my first day.  It didn’t disappoint.  This time, I ordered the fillets of mountain pike, and Norwegian fjord salmon on dill sauce, with boiled potatoes.

Then I walked the two or three blocks back toward Charlottenburg Palace.   I’d explored the palace interior when I’d first arrived, but by the time I was finished, it was dark and rainy.  This time, I wanted to see the grounds by daylight.  I walked around the palace, and spent half an hour just sitting on a bench, watching  the Spree flow past.

schloss 5

After that, I walked through the formal gardens.

I said goodbye to Berlin…

…and took my last picture of Germany.



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