Berlin Miscellany (Part Two of Three)

Another brief Berlin note:   The Curious Incident of the Museum-Goers in the Afternoon.

Gregory:  “Is there any other point to which you would wish to draw my attention?”
Holmes:   “To the curious incident of the museum-goers in the afternoon.”
Gregory:  “The museum-goers did nothing in the afternoon.”
Holmes:   “That was the curious incident.”


After I’d seen that phenomenal Botticelli 2015 – 1445 exhibition at the Gemäldegalerie, I followed the underground passage that led to the Kunstgewerbemuseum, which is the Museum of Applied Art, and, yes, I just used “Gemäldegalerie” and “Kunstgewerbemuseum” in the same sentence.

I was the only visitor in the multi-story, 7,000 square metre building.  It felt very, very strange.

I have no idea why I was alone—the collection is varied, beautiful, and internationally famous. and it’s located within the Kulturforum, which is a popular arts complex.

But there was nobody there!

I suppose I should have taken advantage of absence of a crowd to savour the exhibits undisturbed, but it made me—a serious introvert who really doesn’t do well in large groups, btw—so uncomfortable that I didn’t linger.

As I was leaving, two more people were buying tickets.  Were they in for a surprise.


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