Berlin Miscellany (Part Three of Three)

This is the last of the three brief Berlin notes.  There will be one final entry in my Berlin Diary, then it’s off to plan the next adventure.

Monsieur Vuong

I had lunch one day at the trendy Monsieur Vuong, a Vietnamese restaurant known for its outstanding fresh food and its reasonable prices.   The meal was fine, but it wasn’t the food that impressed me.

As I’ve already mentioned, I am, unhappily, monolingual.  I can decipher simple text in French and Spanish, but beyond that, I need subtitles, which aren’t easy to come by when dealing with a taxi driver.

The Vietnamese host and servers at Monsieur Vuong greeted me in unaccented, colloquial English, and guided me through the menu with the same skill.  Impressive, but since many people in Europe speak English, not terribly unusual.  Or so I thought, until I realized that they weren’t speaking English as a second language, but as a third one.  They were fluent in English, Vietnamese, and German, three v difficult languages to master, and each of them difficult in a different way.

Time to dig out the old Rosetta Stone software.


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