Sunday Morning — Victoriana of the Week

Found this gorgeous Tribute to Eleanor Fortescue-Brickdale on YouTube.  To fully appreciate it, watch it in full screen.

The music is from Fairydust, a CD by Trobar de Morte.  Trobar de Morte is a medieval folk/fantasy music band from Barcelona.

I’ve posted about Eleanor Fortescue-Brickdale in the past, here and here.  She was born in 1871, which makes her a true Victorian, but she lived until 1945.  Her longevity, combined with the style and subject matter of her paintings, are the reason she’s known as “The Last Pre-Raphaelite”.

I used a detail from her painting “The Deceitfulness of Riches” as the header on this blog for most of 2014.  I’ve temporarily restored it in her honour.


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