Lunch at Restaurant Jolly

Restaurant Jolly is a sleek, highly rated pan-Asian restaurant just across the river from Museum Island.  It’s a couple of blocks from the German Historical Museum, and it’s where I took a lunch break.

Restaurant Jolly

Restaurant Jolly

Jolly Hot and Sour
Berlin was much colder than Washington, but I soon got used to the difference.  In cold weather, you can’t go wrong with hot and sour soup with chicken.  Restaurant Jolly’s was perfect.

Jolly Duck
The restaurant’s menu runs to 22 pages, and well over 100 items.  The specialty of the house is duck, and it looked like most diners were having some variation of that.  I had Eine halbe Grillente Jolly-Art, which was half a roasted duck, in the style of the restaurant.  It was served bone-in, and the texture of the skin was crisp and chewy.  Tasty, and well-presented.


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