Charlottenburg Palace

I collect palaces.

Over the last decade or so, I’ve visited Versailles and Neuschwanstein, Schönbrunn and Kensington, Nymphenburg and Linderhof.  For someone whose politics tend to be vaguely leftish, I’m a bleeding-heart Royalist.

So after a great lunch at Schlossgarten, my first stop in Berlin was at Charlottenburg Palace.



Charlottenburg Palace was built at the end of the 17th century as a summer palace for Sophie Charlotte, the wife of King Friedrich I. and was greatly expanded to reflect the varying  tastes of succeeding Friedrichs and Friedrich Wilhelms who ruled during the 18th century.

Like the rest of Berlin,  the palace was badly damaged during World War II.  The audio guide was full of phrases like “the furniture did not survive to the present day” or “was taken to Russia and has not been returned” or “the painting was lost to history.”  The building has been restored, but in many cases the restoration replaced the original baroque and rococo rooms with less elaborate environments.

What’s left, though, is glorious!  Here are some rooms in the palace.  The photos were all found on the Net.

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The pièce de résistance at Charlottenburg Palace is a room called the Porcelain Cabinet, which holds thousands of porcelain objects.  Two images:

Charlottenburg 2


You can find out more about the Porcelain Cabinet and the rest of Charlottenburg Palace in this excellent, picture-rich guide by Rudolf G. Scharmann.   It’s a PDF document, and it’s worth checking out if only for the many gorgeous images.


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