Kelburn Castle — Neuschwanstein on Acid

The Boyle family has had extensive holdings in North Ayrshire, Scotland, since the 12th Century. They built the house that would eventually evolve into Kelburn Castle in the 13th, which makes it one of the oldest castles in Scotland.  David Boyle was created Earl of Glasgow in 1703, and Kelburn Castle has been the seat of the Earl of Glasgow ever since.

In 2007, the Earl was told that the castle’s concrete facing was decaying, and would have to be replaced.  As a temporary measure, and with the approval of Historic Scotland, Lord Glasgow invited graffiti artists to paint Kelburn Castle, in an attempt to minimize further damage to the stonework.  These pictures, all found on the Net, show the result.

The “temporary measure” was a huge success, and seems to have become permanent.  Lord Glasgow has asked Historic Scotland to approve the graffiti as a feature.

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