Duke’s Grocery — Lunch on 6 November 2015

Haven’t done one of these in a while, but lunch today was special.

To promote its 2015 Burger Survey, Zagat arranged for chefs in a half dozen cities to create special hamburgers, available for one week only.  The winner of the Zagat survey for best burger in DC was Duke’s Grocery, where Executive Chef Rick Koplau introduced the Full Monty.

I’ve raved about the East London-inspired Duke’s Grocery in the past.  I think it’s the finest sandwich place in Washington, and since I live only three blocks away, I stop in quite often.  I have my favourites—the Munchen Brötchen, made with chicken schnitzel, emmenthal, garlic-dill pickles, spicy sauerkraut, Applewood smoked bacon, and Warsteiner mustard, on a torta roll, is always excellent—but the menu is constantly evolving, and there’s usually something I’ve never tried before.  It’s posted on Facebook daily, so I usually check it before I leave home.


Gotta try that White Truffle Mac ‘n Cheese next time I’m at Duke’s.  I got a bottle of white truffle oil for Christmas, but it’s too expensive for cooking; I usually just dab a few drops behind my ears before I go someplace special.

It hit 80 degrees in Washington today, which broke the record.  The patio in front of Duke’s was nearly full when I got there at 1:30.


Hamburger Heaven!

This is the Full Monty.

The description reads:  “Two Creekstone Farms Angus patties stuffed with Stilton Blue Cheese; Bacon Rashers; Caramelised Walla Walla Onions; Sundried Tomato Chutney; English Mustard; Rocket; Lyon Bakery Brioche.”

Duke’s regular hamburger, the Proper Burger, consistently wins the “Best Burger In Washington” surveys that pop up in one place or another every month or so.   The Full Monty was better.

One Minor Caveat

Even though the Full Monty was the most satisfying burger I’ve had in months, the Undisputed Best Burger in the World is still the Bacon Peanut Butter Burger at Yo Mama’s, a fantastic dive bar in New Orleans.  Nothing else comes close.


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