‘Tis the Season: Two More Days ’til Halloween

Dead Set, created by the great Charlie Brooker, was a five-episode British TV series that initially ran over the five days leading up to Halloween, 2008.  The premise was simple:  The zombie apocalypse hits Britain on Eviction Night of the Big Brother TV show, leaving the cast and crew surrounded by a zombie horde, and trapped inside the Big Brother House.  It got great ratings and excellent reviews, as well as a BAFTA nomination for “Best Drama Serial”.

The British version of Big Brother has always been immensely more popular than the American version, and still, after 17 series of Big Brother and another 17 series of Celebrity Big Brother, gets saturation coverage by British media.   Dead Set features cameos by real Big Brother winners, and gives a key part to long-time Big Brother presenter Davina McCall, who looks like she’s having the time of her life.

Brooker is best known for his dark humour, but while Dead Set has its funny moments, the emphasis is on the scares.

Someone on YouTube has combined the five episodes into this single 2:20 video:


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