Who Was That Masked Man?

Yesterday I posted these pictures of someone who’s really into the Halloween spirit, and asked if you could guess who it was.  The answer is below, but first, here’s a hint.

Remember this classic scene from Arnold Schwartzenegger’s 1990 movie, Total Recall?

No, the Halloween celebrant isn’t Schwartzenegger.   (And, as far as I know, Schwartzenegger isn’t auditioning for a role in a live-action remake The Little Mermaid or Shrek, either.  What he does and how he dresses on his own time is nobody’s business but his.)

But like Schwartzenegger in Total Recall, the person dressed as “Princess Fiona” and “Ursula the Sea Witch” is a male actor in female disguise.

It’s Colton Haynes.

Behind Every Great Woman Is a Great Man

Behind Every Great Woman Is a Great Man

And here he is, sans disguise

If you don’t know anything about him beyond his starring roles in Arrow and Teen Wolf, you might wonder why Haynes, one of the most beautiful men on the planet, would hide his light under a bushel, so to speak.  If you followed him on Twitter and the Web, though, you’d know that real-life Colton Haynes is a funny, charming, adventurous free-spirit, and that this riff is perfectly in character.


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